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Can come close to many known brands, models of drumsticks. List brand, model, length and diameter. If an orphan to look at is needed will email you. You can order online using a debit card or credit card through Paypal Choose style of fonts below. Signatures and other artwork can be sent as jpegs to:

Choose these fonts or use your own

Drumsticks Paypal Order Form Below: (May take a second to load) EMAIL FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. (Can take orders in most currencies through Paypal)

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Batch Model Tip Price Status New Orders
Want to have a known model drumstick reproduced? Perhaps a different length or thickness? Wood Acorn $11.95 pair, $47.80 for 4 Pairs. Available
What known stick do you want to reproduce? Custom Length? Diameter? Enter in box. 60 Char. Max.
Print Exact Imprint and Ink color. Colors are Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink 60 Char. Max. For Reorders, describe artwork